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Computer_bg Computer science is a combination of various principles, theories and function of the recent technologies that stimulate the access to information. Computer scientists have a vast spectrum of opportunities to modify society and to shape it for a better and progressive future. It has great impact on the aspects of technology, cultures, commerce and trade, medicine and related sciences and space sciences. The foundation of this program is based on practices of algorithms and problem solving. Students investigate the concepts of computer science through various programming oriented assignments and projects in their study courses.

The discipline of computer science covers both theory and design of computers and all other events related to them. The research and educational methodologies cover a wide range of disciplines, including the study of various hardware and software that make up the basis for computers, the theory behind these utensils and the aspects such as artificial intelligence, quantum intelligence, social network analysis and the impact computers have on people and their professional practices. Learning this discipline can ensure prospective and competitive careers in computer and technology industry for the students.