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Computer science is a practical skill that has led to the evolution of new techniques and practices in fields such as: entertainment, social sciences and humanities, health, business, print and electronic media, communication technology, education and research. It also has its alliance with other disciplines such as mathematics and engineering.

It relatively is a new field but even then it has been able to produce many of the advances of modern life that are being practiced in present. This degree is of extraordinary worth today, as the world progressively needs graduates who are not only equipped with computer skills, but also capable of applying them in a context of broad knowledge. Graduates will be prepared to pursue commitment oriented and demanding jobs in the field of computer science and its application in other organizations. They also have the option to continue their educational practice and research in quest of progressive scientific or professional degrees programs.

The curriculum of this program has been designed to cover the capacities of modern day technology, its application in other disciplines and advanced learning in the field.