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Masters in Environmental Management


Semester - 1
Course Name Credit Hours
Computer Application in Environment Management 3
English-I 3
Health and Environment (Elective) 3
Introduction to Environmental Management 3
Semester - 2
Course Name Credit Hours
Environmental Pollution 3
Math/ Statistical Methods 3
Philosophy of Environmental Management 3
Semester - 3
Course Name Credit Hours
Climate Change (Elective) 3
Energy and Environment (Elective) 3
Environmental Psychology 3
Solid Waste Management 3
Semester - 4
Course Name Credit Hours
Environmental Economics 3
Environmental Impact Assessment 3
Natural Resource Management 3
Urban Environment 3
Semester - 5
Course Name Credit Hours
Disaster Management (Elective) 3
Environmental Law and Policies 3
Environmental Profile of Pakistan 3
Research Methods 3
Semester - 6
Course Name Credit Hours
Thesis 6
Total Credit Hours 63
Air Pollution
Analytical Techniques in Environmental Sciences
Applied Ecology
Biodiversity and Conservation
Climate Change
Disaster Management
Energy and Environment
Environmental Biotechnology
Environmental Chemistry
Environmental Chemistry
Environmental Geography
Environmental Geology
Environmental Management Systems
Environmental Microbiology
Environmental Monitoring
Environmental Physics
Environmental Risk Assessment
Environmental Sociology/ Anthropology
Environmental Toxicology
Fundamentals of Ecology
GIS and Remote Sensing
Health and Environment
Hospital Waste Management
Noise Pollution Management
Philosophy of Environmental Management
Population Dynamics and Environment
Project Management
Psychology in Environment Management
Soil and Environment
Solid Waste Management
Urban Planning and Environment
Water Resource Management
Watershed Management
WEEE Management
Wildlife Forestry and Wetland Management