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Ph.D. in Environmental Management


Semester - 1
Course Name Credit Hours
Elective-I 3
Elective-II 3
Elective-III 3
Semester - 2
Course Name Credit Hours
Elective-IV 3
Elective-V 3
Elective-VI 3
Semester - 3
Course Name Credit Hours
Synopsis 0
Semester - 4
Course Name Credit Hours
Dissertation 12
Total Credit Hours 30
Biodiversity Conservation
Cheep Desalination Process
Ecosystem Management
Environmental Problems of Urban Areas
Environmental Toxicology and Public Health
Global Environmental Problems
Industrial Effluent Treatment
Managing National Environmental Problems
Managing Urban Forestry in Pakistan
Pesticide and Food Crops
Rainfall Harvesting
Scarcity of Fresh Water in Pakistan
Solving National Environmental Problems
Treatment of Surface Water
Wastewater Treatment for Semi-Region
Water Pollution Control