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The college management is greatly concerned about the financial difficulties of the needy students. In that event, there are various financial aids provided to the students in different capacities.

Note: Currently no scholarship is announced for Economics department.

Few of the financial aids being offered include:


Students are given scholarships on the basis of percentage of their previous qualification while applying for a degree at the college. The scholarships awarded on the basis of different percentages as are follows:
  • From 50 — 59% Arrow_east 20% Scholarship.
  • From 60 — 64% Arrow_east 30% Scholarship.
  • From 65 — 69% Arrow_east 40% Scholarship.
  • From 70 — 74% Arrow_east 50% Scholarship.
  • From 75 & above Arrow_east Full Scholarship.
  • From 3.8 CGPA & above Arrow_east 100% Scholarship

Arrow_north_east DEAN’S SCHOLARSHIPS

Students securing first and second position in a semester are awarded Dean’s scholarship, which are:
  • Rs. 3,000 on first position
  • Rs. 2,000 on second position


The College provides an opportunity of learning office management to the students by appointing them as Research Assistant. These students are awarded a monthly stipend of Rs. 1500 for the semester in which they are appointed a research assistant.

Note: All scholarships are applicable on CGPA 2.5 for Bachelors and CGPA 3.0 for Masters programs.

Each student is eligible for ONE scholarship only.