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rules & regulations

Students are required to observe following rules and regulations governing their studies as may be made from time to time.


The classes for different programs are conducted on the pattern of semester system. This system is based on instructional autonomy resting with the Institute/faculty and aims at progressive development of student’s information level, skill and competencies accomplished over several semesters. Usually a semester is of 16 weeks duration.


The academic calendar comprises of three Semesters i.e. SPRING, SUMMER and FALL. The date of semester along with dates of others academic events are promulgated in the calendar. Each semester runs over 16 weeks, out of which 14 weeks are reserved for regular classes, one week for Terminal Examination and one week for course review.


The medium of instructions and Examinations is English


Those applicants who have done Intermediate without mathematics shall be required to take additional prerequisites course of mathematics. Admissions to BS(CS), BBA, MBA, M.Sc. and MCS/MS(CS) are advertised in the leading newspaper of Lahore about six weeks before commencement of each semester. A student desirous of getting admissions in one of the above mentioned disciplines fills in college admission form and submits it to the college Admission office along with attested photocopies if academic certificates / degrees, CNIC of self or guardian and three passports size colored photographs. Students admitted whilst awaiting examinations results shall have to submit their Result Card in Registrar’s office at the end of their first semester in NCBA&E.

Candidates are required to appear in admission tests in the subjects of English, General Knowledge, Physics, Math for BS(CS) or MCS/MS(CS) program and English General Knowledge and Math for BBA and MBA programs. Those who qualify the admission tests are interviewed by a panel of three college teachers with Vice Rector (Academics) in the chair.

  • The admission officer shall verify the transcript of applicants for admissions coming from other Institutions with the original transcripts and make a note of it on the photocopy of the transcript (both for transfer of credits and last terminal degree). In the absence of admission officer, one of the members of admission committee shall verify the original transcripts.
  • The admission office shall start assessment process for the courses to be exempted immediately and complete it within one week of the admission of the candidate. If however, the transcript is not available, the candidate would be given a definite date by which he/she should submit the transcript so that the assessment formalities are completed in time before the commencement of the semester. This verification procedure shall be applicable to degrees and certificates awarded by the public universities and board of education.
  • In the case of all other institutions the copies of transcripts shall be sent to the institutions concerned for verification. The process shall be initiated by the admission officer and the communication shall be signed by the Registrar. The assessment of courses to be exempted shall be done soon after the verification have been received from the parent institutions. After this the exemption will be recorded in the Database by the Examination cell.
  • The Admission office shall keep a record of the cases whose verification or exemption has not yet completed and ensure there is no undue delay in the finalization of these cases. The exemption orders will be preferred by the admission office and signed jointly be the Vice Rector (Academics) and Registrar.
  • Candidates having professional/masters degree e.g. MBBS, B.Sc(Eng), M.A and M.Sc. are eligible for exemptions from MBA courses. However these exemptions are subject to review of the student’s transcript of masters or other degrees mentioned above.
  • Candidates having B.A/B.Sc. degree with mathematics A and B will be given exemption in mathematics courses.
  • Candidates having BCS/MCS degrees will be exempted for Business Mathematics in MBA.
  • Candidates who have studied mathematics and physics at the inter, FA/F.Sc./A-Levels shall be exempted from following subjects in BBA, BS(CS):
    • Pre Calculus
    • College Algebra
    • Introduction to Physics
  • Those candidates who have completed their A-levels in certain subjects are eligible to apply for credit in English-1, Micro Economics, Macro Economics, Basic Management and Accounting provided they opted for these subjects in A-levels examinations.
  • Transfer Rules:Students seeking transfer from other Institutions will be allowed exemptions on case to case basis up to 1/3rd of the courses offered at NCBA&E subject to verification of their transcripts by admission office, they may have to appear in oral or written test in any of exempt able subject. Exemptions shall be given in courses studied in chartered institutes.
  • All college dues for a particular semester shall be paid at the time of admission by the new students and by the date specified in the Academic Calendar by the other students.
  • In case, a student is unable to pay his/her dues by the said date, he/she shall pay 25% of the total amount at the time of registration of courses remaining in three equal installments before the sixth day of the succeeding months to complete the payment before the final term examinations.
  • Students who fail to clear their dues according to the procedure shall have to pay fine according to the following schedule.
    • Rs.300/ for 1st week
    • Rs.500/ for 2nd week
    • Rs.1000/ for 3rd week
    • Rs.1500/ for 4th week
  • Defaulters shall not be allowed to take the mid term and final term examinations.
  • If a student wants to withdraw from the college, 75% of the dues paid by him will be refunded within seven days of the date of deposit. 50% within two weeks and no refund after 2 weeks. Registration fee will however, not be refunded.
  • Dues shall not be transferred from the name of one student to the other or from a degree program to a non - degree program.
  • Dues of the college shall be paid through a bank draft or in cash. No cheques shall be entertained.

Students are required to maintain a CGPA 2.5 or above in BBA and BS(CS) and 3.00 in MBA & MCS/BS(CS). Those who fail to do so by the end of the program will be issued only a transcript with notation Degree requirements NOT COMPLETED, they will not be entitled to receive degree.

  • Discipline
  • All kinds of indiscipline or misconduct shall be dealt with firmly. It may also lead to dropping of the students from the college rolls.
  • Misconduct with Interalia Includes
  • Academic dishonesty involving cheating in the examinations, plagiarism, forging of documents
  • Rude behavior with Faculty and Staff
  • Unruly behavior on the campus
  • Violation of college rules and regulations
  • Prohibition of Smoking
  • The college campus is “No Smoking” area and smoking on campus is prohibited. Any one found smoking on campus will be heavily fined.
  • On first warning NIL
  • On second warning Rs.500/-
  • On third warning Rs.1000/-
  • Repeated defaults may lead disciplinary action and to the expulsion from the college.

All students are required not to miss more than five lectures during the entire semester. Students not adhering to course attendance policy will not be permitted to appear in the final examination of the course concerned. However, if a student is hospitalized, leave will be sanctioned on the production of hospital discharge slip.

  • Students Attendance
  • 4 absences shall have 3 scores out of 10
  • 6 absences shall have 2 scores out of 10

A warning letter will be issued by the teacher on 3rd absence with a copy to registrar. A student having 6 absences or more shall have F grade in the subject and will be considered dropped from the semester. He/she will have to attend the course again on payment of full semester free for the course.


Two formal examinations are held in every semester;

  • Mid-term and Final-term exams followed by Makeup Examination if allowed.
  • Duration of the examination shall be limited to a maximum of ninety minutes per paper.
  • Faculty of the course must supervise the mid-term and final-term examination.
  • All permanent faculty members irrespective of their seniorities shall be assigned invigilation of at least one exam excluding their own course examination.
  • To discourage the tendency of appearing in Makeup examinations, the Academic & Disciplinary committee has decided that the students who fail to appear in mid-term and final-term examination will be allowed another chance on the following grounds only:
    • Hospitalization of the student during the examination supporting by M.C.
    • Death of a close family member. The close family is defined as mother, father, real brother and real sister.
  • The other conditions for Makeup Examination are:
    • Minimum class attendance for mid-term makeup : 50%
    • Minimum class attendance for semester makeup Exam:75%

Makeup exam fee of Rs.350/- each subject will be levied. The grade scored in the particular subject of Makeup exam will also be reduced by one letter grade or equivalent percentile.


Grade once awarded is not normally changed. A student may, however apply to the Registrar for result review during the first week of new semester. Any grade change becoming absolutely necessary will be initiated by the course teacher using a Grade Replacement Form  within two weeks of the result declaration.

Students getting grade “I” in any course must get this grade converted by their instructor as soon as possible and complete this process within six weeks of the date of the result otherwise this grade will be changed into grade F.


The students must makeup for any class assignments/test or other requirements that he/she misses as a result of his/her absence. However if a student misses a significant number of classer Academic& Disciplinary committee may decide that he/she should repeat the course.


Each class of students shall be assigned to a Faculty Member who will advise and help them on all matters connected with their studies. These academic advisers shall advise the students about the courses they are supposed to register in each semester. They shall be responsible for monitoring their attendance in the classes and monitor their performance in the mid-term and final-term examinations. More importantly they shall maintain close liaison with the parents of the students who are irregular in attending their classes and /or are not performing well in the college examinations. Parents of the students who get grade d or f in the mid-term examination and GPA less than 2.0 in semesters and CGPA less than minimum graduation requirement shall be invited to the college and apprised of the situation. Students with such low grades will be warned or placed on probation with a notation to this effect in their semester grade reports. The list of such students shall be sent to the registrar who will issue letters to the parents. These steps shall keep the parents informed about the progress of their wards.

The Controller of Examination shall furnish a copy (each of the mid-term results) to the Academic Advisor concerned within two weeks of the mid-term examination. Similarly a copy of the list of students with low GPA in the semester and low CGPA shall be supplied by the Controller of Examination to the Academic Advisor after the final-term examination. Each advisor will submit his/her report to the Academic & Disciplinary Committee.

  • Instructors must not allow any student to attend classes whose name is not included by the Controller Examination’s office in the official attendance sheet as a regular student in the course.
  • All scheduled classes or number of lectures requirement must be fulfilled.
  • The instructor must conduct the mid-term and final-term examinations personally.
  • Mid-term scores; answer sheets and final exam sheets along with grades should be turned in with the Controller of Examination within the specified period of time by Examination Cell.
  • Instructors teaching a course to more than one section must schedule the exams separately. Combining two sections for examinations is not allowed.
  • All grade replacement or changes must be explained in person to Vice Rector (Academics) by the instructor of the particular course before it is approved.
  • All results must be submitted on the prescribed Performa issued by the Examination Cell and duly signed by the course instructor. No result will be entertained without the signature of the relevant Faculty member or on a non-standard form.
  • The instructor should not delete the names of those students from the final grade list who have either not taken the mid-term/final-term exam/quizzes or class test or have poor attendance.
  • Following minimum level of measurement tools to be incorporated in the course design by the teacher.
  • Before Mid-term Exam:
    • 2 Quizzes
    • 2 Assignments
    • 1 Mid-Term Exam
  • Before Final-term Exam:
    • 2 Quizzes
    • Project/ Assignment
    • 1 Final-Term Exam
  • Irregular or non serious students must be reported to the Registrar.
  • All assignments, quizzes, projects & course work should be turned in with the Examination Cell at the time of final grades. This record will be maintained for 1 semester and then destroyed except the course grades.
  • Final result for the course must not be revealed to students prior to its notification by the Controller of Examination.
  • It is imperative that we check the practices of unfair means during class tests and exams. The college will extend its full support to the Faculty to curb this tendency. Answer books of student indulging in cheating should be turned in to Controller of Examination at the time of submitting grades during exam with the instructor’s remarks for necessary action.
  • Usage of computer based assignments must be incorporated in course modules. Conscious efforts should be made to this effect. No hand written assignment or project is accepted except in languages subject courses.
  • At the end of a semester, official grade repots will be sent at the student’s recorded addresses. Duplicate copies will be issued against token fees.
  • The teachers should not change the date and venue of examination notified in the date sheets on their own or at the request of students or group of students. Any such change due to abnormal circumstances must be intimated in advance to Examination Cell.

Tuition Rebate for BBA Degree Holders

Students holding a BBA, BCS degree of NCBA&E and Colleges belonging to its league are entitled to 25% rebate on tuition charges for regular MBA program.

Talented Student’s Concession

100% Concession to students having secured 75% marks in their FA/FSc/ICS/BA/BSc/B.COM examination conducted by Board of Education and University.

Kinship Benefits

A rebate of 25% is provided to the blood brother or sister of a permanently enrolled student and to the brother, sister spouse wards of NCAB&E alumni for                          the regular programs.

Research Assistants

Other than the above-mentioned rebates the college offers a number of research fellowships, to the regular full time students. These fellowships offer a stipend of Rs.1500/- per month. All students eligible to apply for it.

Merit Scholarships

NCBA&E offers various scholarships to its students as cause of its commitment to the student body and towards furthering the course of education. These scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit as well as need. The following scholarships are available and all students can apply for any one of them.

Dean’s Scholarship

Dean’s scholarship is awarded for the top two position holders in each batch for MBA, BBA & BS(CS) students every semester. Subject to MBA & BS(CS) students taking at-least five courses and BBA students, four course.

  • First Scholarship                     Rs. 3,000/-
  • Second Scholarship                 Rs. 2,000/-

All rebate & scholarships are subject to the stated minimum GPA required for the relevant program.

A student is entitled to any ONE scholarship/aid/benefit only.


Students who were enrolled in Annual System, will be accepted on the basis of their percentage only.

Students who were enrolled in Semester System, will be accepted on the basis of their CGPA only.

Annual and Semester system cannot be overlapped

We are offering following scholarships to students at the time of their admission as per their eligibility. Each student is eligible to avail just one scholarship out of the following.

  1. 100%scholarship on tuition fee is available to students who got 75%and above marks in their FA/FSc/ICS/BA/BSc/B.COM examination conducted by Board of Education and University exams or 3.80 CGPA in Semester System except MCS, MSc and MS/ MPhil and PhD Programmes.
  2. If an applicant has got 65--69%and above marks in his FA/FSC/ICS/BA/BSC/B.COM examination conducted by Board of Education and University; he is entitled to 40%scholarship on tuition fee.
  3. If an applicant has got 60--64%and above marks in his FA/FSC/ICS/BA/BSC/B.COM examination conducted by Board of Education and University; he is entitled to 30%scholarship on tuition fee.
  4. If an applicant has got 50--59%and above marks in his FA/FSC/ICS/BA/BSC/B.COM examination conducted by Board of Education and University; He is entitled to 20%scholarship on tuition fee.
  5. If parents of an applicant are serving or retired govt. employee, the student will get 20 %scholarship on tuition fee.
  6. If an applicant is facing some genuine financial problems, he is considered for some scholarship by the Academic Committee.
  7. We offer 40%scholarship on tuition fee to our students of BBA/BCS who wish to join MBA program.
  8. If a student tops in his batch by obtaining GPA 3.50& above he is entitled to a scholarship of Rs.5000/-while second position holder again with a GPA of 3.50 and above gets Rs.3000/-.
  9. For the executive MBA program the maximum scholarship is 25 %on tuition fee. In exceptional cases, it may be enhanced from 25%to 30%on tuition fee.
  10. Any student who is not availing scholarship and discount at the time of Admission and attain a GPAof 3.00and above in his/her 1st semester is entitled to a scholarship of 20%on tuition fee for the following semester provided he maintains the above mentioned GPA.
Policy for Retention of Scholarship:

In case of undergraduate students, scholarship awarded to a student will be withdrawn if he/she does not maintain a minimum GPA of 2.50 in his/her end semester examination in undergraduate program.

In case of Masters program, scholarship awarded to a student will be withdrawn if he/she does not maintain a minimum GPA of 3.00 in his/her end semester examination program.

For scholarship applications, MBA student must be studying 4 courses minimum, whereas undergrad students must be studying 5 courses minimum for their applications to be entertained.


A grade is given in each course, grades are indicated by letters and assigned Honors, Points as shown in the table below:

Grade %Scale Definition Honor Points Per Credit Hour
A 80 – 100 Outstanding 4.00
B 70 – 79 Very Good 3.00
C 60 – 69 Satisfactory 2.00
D 50 – 59 Unsatisfactory, but not failing 1.00
F Below 49 Fail 0.00
X Unofficial Withdrawn
I Incomplete
W Officially Withdrawal

X-(Failure) Unofficial Withdrawal
The symbol “X” is used to indicate that a student has never attended a class or has discontinued attendance and does not qualify for the grade of “I”. The “C” will be computed into the student’s grade point average.

A temporary course grade granted by an instructor when forced absence, or other reasons prevent completion of course requirements. A student must be passing the course to be eligible for an “I” grade. An “I” is not given as a substitute for a failing or low grade. Incomplete grades (“I”) will convert to an “F” if not removed within one semester, or sooner, if so stipulated by the instructor.

W-Official Withdrawal
A grade of “W” is given in a course when a student officially withdraws from that course or from the college at least one day prior to the last day of mid-term.

Honor Points
The number of honor points earned in a course is the number of semester credit hours the course multiplied by the value of the letter grade received, as shown in the preceding table. For example, a grade of “B” in a four-hour course gives 4* 3 i.e. 12 Honor Points.

Grade Point Average (GPA)

A grade point average is obtained by dividing the total number of honor points earned by the total number of semester hours completed. For example, a total for forty-eight honor points earned in a semester by a student who completed sixteen credit hours of course work gives a grade point average of 3.0 for the semester.

Academic Standards

All undergraduate candidates must earn an overall grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.50 for satisfactory progress toward the end.

Undergraduate Programs

Regular standing: A student is good standing whenever that student’s overall GPA is at least 2.50.

Warning: Whenever the GPA for any enrollment period is less than 2.0 but the cumulative grade point aver age (CGPA) is 2.50 or above, the student will be “warned”.

Probation: If a student’s CGPA falls below 2.50 the student will be placed on probation for one semester.

Continued on Probation: If the CGPA increase during the semester of probation. Although still below 2.5 cumulative, the student will be continued on probation for an additional semester.

Probation Removed: when the condition of good standing is restored probation will be removed.

Graduate Programs

All graduate candidates must earn an overall grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0 to satisfy progress toward the end.

Regulars Standing: A student is good standing whenever that student’s overall GPA is at least 3.0.

Warning: whenever the GPA for any enrollment period is less than 2.50 but the cumulative grade point average (CGPA) is 3.0 or above, the student will be warned.

Probation: If a student’s CGPA falls below 3.0 the student will be placed on probation for one semester.

Continued on probation: if the CGPA increase during the semester of probation although still below 3.0, the student will be continued on probation for an additional semester.

Probation Removed: when the condition of good standing is restored probation will be removed.

  1. No results are final till their declaration by the Examination Cell. Therefore grades should not be declared by the instructor in the classes.
  2. All grade replacement or change cases must be explained to the Vice Rector (Academics), within two weeks of result, in person by the instructor of the particular course before it is approved.
  3. All results are submitted on the prescribed form duly signed by the faculty member, along with the class and examination attendance sheets.
  4. The students who have been awarded grade I should have the grade converted within 6 weeks of the result otherwise it will automatically become an F grade.
  5. In case of grade change, the name and registration number of the student will be circled on the original result sheet with a red marker and a note will be written on it to refer to the grade change file. No changes/additions are to be made on the original result sheet.
  6. In case an instructor forgets/misses to post the result of a student the Controller Examination will get in touch with the instructor who will personally post the result on a new result sheet, which will be duly signed by the instructor and counter-singed by Vice Rector (Academics). The sheet will then be attached to the original result sheet with a note from the Controller Examination.
  7. Student who have an F grade in their final transcript and their course requirement/credit hours for a program are completed their F grade will not be deleted from the transcript unless they repeat the subject.
  8. In case a course is removed from a program and the courses are substituted by another, the students will be allowed to study the course substituted in place of the one, which has been removed; grade F in this particular case will be replaced by the grade to the new subject.
  9. Similarly, if a student has to improve grade F or D in the last or a previous semester and the course is not being offered, he/she will be offered a similar course in any program. It would be relevant only if the course is not offered till the last semester. Grade F or D will be replaced by the new grade in the course offered in lieu.
  10. In both the above mentioned cases the decision will be taken by the Syllabus Committee and the old subject will be dropped from the final transcript. The physical record shall, however, be retained in the office. Dropping of course will be done through Add/Drop procedure.
  1. Transcript
  • The student has to submit an application to the Examination Cell.
  • The application is forwarded to the Account’s Office for Clearance Certificate.
  • After completion of clearance certificate from all departments, Accounts will issue blank Transcript form to the Controller Examination.
  • The transcript is prepared by examination cell after through audit by a committee of students result in each semester after which the final transcript is signed. The student then collects the transcript from the Registrar’s Office after three weeks. This period may be more in case of Pre 1999 students.
  • One additional copy of the transcript will cost Rs 500/ each.
  1. Degree
  • The student has to submit an application to the examination office with a copy of the transcript issued by the college.
  • The graduating CGPA for the Masters program is 3.00 and for Bachelors is 2.50.
  • If the student does not fulfill the CGPA requirements, the application will not be entertained.
  • The Audit of student’s academic record in all semesters by a special committee precedes the preparation of a degree by examination cell which is printed to accounts office.
  • The student collects the degree from the registrar’s office after 4 weeks. This period may be more in case of pre 1999-students.
  • Duplicate copy of a Degree shall be issued on payment of Rs.2500/-.each.
  • The date of award of degree to be printed in the diploma shall be the result declaration date of final semester.