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Co-curricular activities are an accessory to the mainstream curriculum plans. These activities often unravel the talent and competency of students in specific fields. NCBA&E takes great care in maintaining a complementary relationship between co-curricular and curricular activities throughout the academic session. The aim of these activities is to lay the foundation for a solid approach to current and practical affairs.

NCBA&E Blood Bank Society make database of students with their blood groups:
Blood Group Detail

NCBA&E students are stimulated with a large variety of activities that include:

  • Sports
  • Social and Group Work
  • Literary Activites
  • Social Talent Shows
  • Seminars
  • Exhibitions
  • Celebration of Special Days
  • Academic Tours to Exciting Locations
  • Quizzes
Debate Society Drama Society Sports Society

The students of NCBA&E have great potential not only in academics but in extra-curricular as well. They have immense creative skills and abilities. An arts and literature society consisting the student body is operating for the related extra-curricular activities. Currently the society has potential students in debates, declamations and creative writing. They have brought home various positions and awards by participating in various competitions. Our students have shown their active participation in different seminars and social events, business idea competitions and similar activities. The society holds its sessions on regular basis and also organizes events in the college premises. Students are motivated and welcomed to participate in inter and intra college extra-curricular activities. A semester based college gazette is produced in which the input of the students is highly appreciated.

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